CFMAE-MERYC 2015 May 5-9 Playful Sounds – Personhood

4th The Changing Face of Music and Art Education & 7th Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children International Conference at Tallinn University

Prof. Dr. Valsiner OPEN LECTURE 06.05.2015 15.00-16.30 T-324

Playful Sounds – Personhood
International Research Conference
Tallinn University, Institute of Fine Arts Department of Music
Supported by Tallinn University Institute of Educational Science and Tallinn University Institute of Psychology
Conference Keynote/Open Lecture
Prof. Dr. Jaan Valsiner
Niels Bohr Professor of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark
Music: The ornament for living
T-324 Aula
15.00-15.05 Musical moment #2 Gerhard Lock (violin), Kristel Plaado (guitar)
Open lecture is free for all interessents.

Music: The ornament for living

Cultural psychology of semiotic dynamics considers music as a crucial holistic part of human living that is similar to ornamentation of human life worlds. In contrast to the usual forms of ornamentation – visible recurrent patterns in our environments that are considered to have “decorative” value – music can be considered to be an ornamenting pattern that overwhelmingly penetrates the human psyche in ways that have crucial catalytic roles in human development. It plays a central role in the pleromatization channel in the internalization/externalization processes (Valsiner, 2014), creating an alternative access pathway to the human mind that is autonomous in relation to the verbal schematizing pathway. Implications of the all-penetrating ornamentation function of music for music education may be outlined.


Institute of Educational Sciences

European Social Fund for support with the following grants: ESF grant no. 1.20401.09-0070.


Institute of Psychology


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