CFMAE-MERYC 2015 May 5-9 Playful Sounds – Personhood

4th The Changing Face of Music and Art Education & 7th Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children International Conference at Tallinn University

Twitter diary of CFMAE-MERYC2015

See on the Finnish Music Psychology website

the twitter diary of CFMAE-MERYC2015 managed by the conference keynote speaker Prof. Eerola. The conference organizers are very grateful to Prof. Eerola.

See the Twitter page:

  • 2nd day of #CFMAEMERYC15: Graham Welch unravels the variety of processes involved singing and particularly how it develops. #neuroscience 2 hours ago
  • Michel Hogenes: early childhood music making is a form of play best understood within Vygotsky’s Activity Theory #CFMAEMERYC15 18 hours ago
  • Outsider view to music from cultural psychology: Jaan Valsiner – irreversible nature of time creates semiotic sign hierarchies #CFMAEMERYC15 21 hours ago
  • Engaging summary of critical periods, learning, rewards, physiology and health benefits of music by Nikolaos Zafranas #CFMAEMERYC15 1 day ago
  • Opening of #CFMAEMERYC15 conference with local luminaries & organisers, and, of course, music performances. Audience spans 17 countries. 1 day ago

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