CFMAE-MERYC 2015 May 5-9 Playful Sounds – Personhood

4th The Changing Face of Music and Art Education & 7th Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children International Conference at Tallinn University

CFMAE Journal 7/1 2015 Spring issue introduced at the conference

TLU Department of Music peer reviewed international CFMAE Journal 7/1 2015 Spring issue (ISSN 2228-0715, listed in EBSCO Discovery and soon also in RILM as full text) has been now introduced at the CFMAE-MERYC conference.



The Changing Face of Music and Art Education is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board. Its aim is to issue research in the field of music and art education and its related interdisciplinary fields. As a developing journal, we are delighted to announce the first issue of the seventh volume 2015.

The topics of this issue are composed around the main theme ”Playful Sounds – Personhood” of the joint conference CFMAE-MERYC2015, 05.-09.05.2015, at Tallinn University and grouped in different thematic sections. In Music and Education: Early childhood – development, abilities, play, and well-being, E-learning and music education technology, and An interdisciplinary book, project and concert report. In Art and Education: Playful attitude towards design. As playful means also variety, colors, this issue matured differently. It is the first time we issue the experiences of reflective practitioners together with scientific studies.

CFMAE is dedicated to serving an international readership with diverse needs, interests, and concerns addressing the main idea, that music and art education is constantly in flow, it’s changing face can be traced back in history (yesterday), shape the contemporary development (today) and will affect the future (tomorrow). The journal is hosted by Tallinn University Institute of Fine Arts Department of Music and the 2015 volumes are issued in collaboration with EuNetMERYC European Network Music Educators and Researcher of Young Children.

The editors thank all contributors, evaluators and supporters.

CONTENT CFMAE 7/1 – 2015


Tiina Selke & Gerhard Lock
From playfulness to personhood

Early childhood – development, abilities, play, and well-being
Research articles
Yen Ting Wu
Musical environment and the development of young children of the Chinese diaspora in London

Henrika Seckuvienė
Identification and evaluation of 4–6 year old children’s musical abilities

Practice articles
Aija Ozola
Dramatic play as pedagogical means for fostering children’s music listening skills

Kaarina Marjanen
Towards the understanding of sound education – music education, language education and well-being

E-learning and music education technology
Research article
Kristo Käo & Margus Niitsoo
Optimizing the interaction between a self-learning guitar student and a sound recognition based educational game

An interdisciplinary book, project and concert report
Practice article
Michaela Ulm
The wren and the silver flute – a book, a project, a concert

Playful attitude towards design
Practice article
Ülle Linnuste
When a game is not just a game

CFMAE-MERYC2015-colour illustration

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Have a look also into the CFMAE Journal 6/2 2014 Winter issue.




Teacher training in the past and future
Pekka Räihä & Antti Juvonen
Educating new kind of teachers through a new ideology in teacher training

Katri-Helena Rautiainen
Method books of teaching of singing in finnish teacher training colleges
Multiple intelligences and the learning process

Iveta Kepule
Application of multiple intelligences in teaching music
in the primary school

Communication, social processes, and learning in performance
Kai Viljami Åberg
Finnish Roma music as performance – from ethnography to musical

Communication and emotional expression in dance pedagogy
Julia Leimane
The development of facial expressions as a way to control emotional reactions of the students in the dancing class

E-learning and project-based learning in craft education
Ann Ojaste
A monitoring study on students attitudes toward e-learning in teaching Handicrafts

Tiia Artla
Implementing project-based learning in skill subjects


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