CFMAE-MERYC 2015 May 5-9 Playful Sounds – Personhood

4th The Changing Face of Music and Art Education & 7th Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children International Conference at Tallinn University

Research Methodology Course

TLU Institute of Educational Sciences/
TLU Institute of Fine Arts Department of Music/ Supported by TLU Institute of Psychology






REMEC – Research Methodology Course / Uurimise metodoloogiakursus KUC0067
Tallinn University
Narva mnt 25, 10120
Tallinn, Estonia

Addressees and aims

This course is directed to doctoral students as well as to EuNet MERYC members who are interested in advancing their current research projects and ideas concerning musical worlds as cultural phenomena.
It aims to provide support and heads for achieving publishable articles. Introductions on some general directions on methodology and on analytical techniques are given. In addition, starting with the individual draft of ideas and plans, participants are guided and offered tailored scientific techniques and methodologies to make steps towards gaining new knowledge and drafting an article to be published in a peer reviewed journal. The Department of Music issued CFMAE: The Changing Face of Music and Art Education Journal offers a special issue for this occasion.

How to apply

Each applicant for the Research Methodology Course (REMEC) writes 500 to 1000 words about the current research ideas (or practitioner approach), questions, plans, and bibliography, including expectations and personal goals concerning this course. This text should be submitted to by March 1, 2015. Confirmation of participation will be given by March 20, 2015.

Second Call for participants: April 1, 2015. Confirmation of participation will be given by April 20, 2015.

Please register here as MERYC member and non-TLU student or here as TLU doctoral student/staff member.

ECTS and preparation prior to the course

Study work for 4 ECTS includes some reading tasks prior to the course. After the confirmation, the lecturers will propose some articles or chapters to each of the participants that relate to the individual topics as described in the application text. Participants are instructed to connect their topics with the suggested literature.

Schedule of lectures and face-to-face meetings


REMEC-schedule-030515-print (PDF)



Prof. Dr. Jaan Valsiner (Cultural Psychology), Niels Bohr Professor of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Stadler Elmer (Developmental Psychology, Music Psychology), Zürich University, Switzerland



Gerhard Lock (TLU), Jarmo Karing (TLU), Stefanie Stadler Elmer (UZH)

This course is organized in collaboration with EuNetMERYC, TLU Institute of Fine Arts Department of Music, and TLU Institute of Educational Sciences. The organizers thank the European Social Fund for support with the following grants: ESF grant no. 1.20401.09-0070.


The organizers also thank the TLU Institute of Psychology for support.


For more information contact (for EuNetMERYC participants), (for TLU doctoral students)




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