CFMAE-MERYC 2015 May 5-9 Playful Sounds – Personhood

4th The Changing Face of Music and Art Education & 7th Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children International Conference at Tallinn University

SEMPRE conference award





SUPPORT in association with SEMPRE

Applicants to CFMAE-MERYC2015 in Tallinn who are either (a) full or part-time students and non-wage earners and/or (b) researchers from East European Countries and those whose local economies are relatively poor, may be eligible for support to attend CFMAE-MERYC2015 from the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE). They must apply to CFMAE-MERCY2015 in the usual way for either a full paper presentation or a poster. If they wish to be considered for a SEMPRE award, they should explain, in a separate application form, (a) how attendance at the conference will assist them with their research and/or practice, (b) give an indication of the expected costs of attendance and (c) explain why other sources of funding are not open to them. If the CFMAE-MERYC2015 scientific board accepts the paper or poster, they will then make a recommendation to SEMPRE for possible funding. The SEMPRE Trustees will look at all the recommendations and make decisions, based on the nature of the recommendation, the status of the applicants and the potential number of awards. The decision of the SEMPRE Trustees is final and they regret that they are unable to enter into correspondence regarding their decision. Each application will be treated equally on its merits.

Please download and fill in the separate SEMPRE award application form (Application_for_a_SEMPRE_Conference_Award_CFMAE-MERYC2015 (.doc)) and send it via email to the conference organisers (



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